About Us

Our mission is to guarantee a continuous supply of the highest quality seafood products by sourcing the freshest seafood in a progressive and responsible manner, which focuses on the wellbeing of consumers and the environment. 


Founded in 1995 and based in Vermont USA, Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc. is the sales, distribution, marketing and accounting operation for a growing cooperative of aquaculture farms. By focusing on quality and continuity of supply, and ensuring world-class customer service, we have consistently met the growing needs of our customers.

For the past 20 years, our commitment to quality, continuity of supply and outstanding customer service, have placed Tropical as a leader in fresh seafood imports.

As a vertically integrated company, we are able to ensure the strictest standards are met at every stage of production from the hatchery through delivery to our North American customers.


Our Founder, John K. Schramm, grew up on the coast of Maine and experienced first-hand the effects of the declining New England fisheries. John later entered into the trade with a vision to overcome one of its key issues - the ability to find high quality, sustainably sourced farmed fish to supplement wild supplies and fulfill consumer needs.

When John founded Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc., Tilapia was a little known fish to the North American market. His search for a consistent, high quality supply led him to the most established environmentally and socially conscious farms in Latin America and Europe.

20 years later, Tropical has grown from a staff of one to a team of 15, supporting more than 5,000 jobs in Mexico, South America and Europe. Through a growing cooperative and list of sustainably sourced species, we are continually expanding our product offering. Currently our product line includes: fresh and frozen tilapia, fresh and frozen shrimp, fresh steelhead trout, fresh EU certified organic salmon, fresh cod and the newest addition to our product line, fresh cobia!


Where can you find Tropical brand products? We partner with fine retailers and restaurants in North America. 

Ask your local fish monger if they carry Tropical brand or call (800) 277-3459 to learn more about us!