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Our fresh, premium fish and seafood salads are sourced from sustainable farms and fisheries around the world, ensuring continuity of supply and maximum quality.

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Continuous supply is key to running your business and keeping your customers happy. That’s why, at Tropical Aquaculture, we maintain a diverse range of farms and fisheries around the world.

We’re extremely selective about whom we partner with and specifically seek out farms that share our commitment to sustainability and producing high-quality seafood that’s healthy for consumers—and respectful of the environment.

Organic Salmon

Our salmon farm is located in Norway on the tiny Island of Rindareya. The cool climate here, along with cold, clean waters, make the deep fjords the ideal environment for raising exceptionally delicious organic salmon.

To produce the highest quality EU-organic-certified fish, we scrutinize every step of the production process and know that there’s a direct connection between how our fish our raised and how they taste.


A product of Iceland, this chemical-free fish is caught using longline-fishing methods that do no harm to the oceans, then shipped directly from Iceland to Boston to maintain optimal freshness. Our MSC-certified fishery operates with an unwavering commitment to quality, purity, reliability, and sustainability.

We’re mindful that the fishing grounds in Iceland are a finite resource and we take every step to use them wisely, to ensure that generations to come enjoy this delicious Cod.


Farm-raised in Iceland by a nation-leading supplier, our Arctic Char appeals to the most discriminating seafood lovers. It has a distinct, sweet buttery flavor and firm, pink flesh that differentiates it from other “salmonids” on the market.

These fish are grown in superb conditions that mirror their natural habitat—a blend of pure Icelandic spring water, seawater, and geothermal water.

Seafood Salads

Produced by Medusa, one of Europe’s leading gourmet seafood companies, our Seafood Salads, taste fresher and more delicious, because we start with the highest quality raw ingredients. Each ingredient is processed separately using the most advanced food processing technology. The result? A ready-to-serve meal that’s 100% free of chemicals, antibiotics, and additives, yet full of flavor and fragrance.

Medusa has been a leader in authentic seafood specialties for 150 years. Tropical Aquaculture is proud to import delicious, quality Medusa products directly from Italy to you and your customers.

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