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For the freshest, healthiest Tilapia money can buy, there’s only one choice: our CleanTilapia from the rich waters of South America, delivered within 36 hours of harvest.

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It’s a fresh new take on Tilapia.

Discover the difference of healthy CleanTilapia sourced from our pristine and sustainable farms in Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. Our geographic diversification is key to maintaining continuity and reliability in both quality and supply. We produce the freshest, cleanest fish because we adhere to the highest possible standards. Tropical Aquaculture boasts the lowest density of all Tilapia farms and we raise our fish without antibiotics or any other chemicals. Mild in flavor, packed with protein, low in calories, yet surprisingly affordable, our CleanTilapia appeals to your customers’ high standards—and their budget. Try it again for the first time!

Fresh Tilapia Fillet

Available As: Premium trim, partial skin on, and full skin on in sizes (oz.) of : 2/3, 3/5, 5/7, 7/9, 9 plus.

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Fresh All Natural Fillet

Available As: 3 oz, 3/5oz and 5/7oz Premium Trim

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Fresh Whole Tilapia

Available As: Gutted, Scaled
Gutted, Gilled, Scaled, Round, Pocket in sizes (lbs) of: ¾-1¼, 1¼-1¾, 1¾

Frozen Tilapia

Our tilapia is also available as IQF, IVP, Bulk and Custom Retail Bags.

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