Who We Are

Tropical Aquaculture is a full-service sales and distribution company, serving a growing network of farmers, processors and fisheries. Sustainability is our foundation; fresh, premium seafood is our trademark; and the well-being of consumers and the environment is our priority.

A passion for quality, freshness and sustainability since 1995.

Tropical Aquaculture was founded nearly 25 years ago by John K. Schramm, a native of coastal Maine who witnessed firsthand the decline of the New England fisheries in the local economy. He went on to pursue a career in the seafood distribution trade, where he made it his mission to find high quality, sustainably-farmed fish that would both supplement wild supplies and meet consumer demand.

He founded Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc., which lead the introduction of high-quality, CleanTilapia™ raised on environmentally-conscious farms in South America to the North American market. Since its inception, Tropical Aquaculture has grown to support more than 5,000 jobs in the US, South America, and Europe.

Chef Nicholas Calias speaks about fresh, CleanTilapia™ and CleanShrimp™ from Tropical Aquaculture.

Best in Fresh

Through our proven cold-chain management system, we ensure that all of our products arrive to the market fresh. Established relationships with all major carriers in each region enables us to guarantee space 7 days a week directly to Boston, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles-arriving within 24 hours of harvest. Once in North America, we work with best-in-class distribution partners to deliver our products to your favorite restaurant or retailer.

Farm to Fork

Our structure as a network of farms helps us to guarantee consistency. Because our fish are grown in a variety of locations, we are better able to avoid unexpected obstacles, or delays, such as local weather or transportation issues. This allows us flexibility to substitute the source of any days’ harvest. Despite our complex structure, our proprietary and third party tracking systems enable us to trace each fish from farm to fork!

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