At Tropical, we work with premium certified Organic* Salmon farms located in Ireland and Norway. In doing so, we are able to ensure product availability 52 weeks a year.

This week, we will begin offering fresh Irish Organic* Salmon from Gallagher's Ocean Farm Ltd., a branch of Gallagher Bros. Fish Merchants Ltd.; which is a family owned business founded in 1919 by two brothers, Jack and Phil Gallagher.

Since 1985 Gallagher's Ocean Farm Ltd., has been responsibly producing salmon on the West Coast of Ireland. Gallagher's organic* salmon production takes place off the Donegal Atlantic Coast. The salmon is farmed according to the EU Organic standard and certified by Global Trust. After several years of expansion Gallagher's Ocean Farm is anticipating the ability of harvesting year-round.

When cultivating Organic* Salmon, Gallagher's Ocean Farm gives priority to the health and wellbeing of each fish and to the farm's surrounding environment:
  • One of the most differentiating criteria in Organic* fish farming is that the fish are fed a diet that is completely GMO Free. The feed is made of Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) components such as, natural pigments (phaffia) and high marine content from sustainable fisheries. This results in a salmon with vibrant pink flesh color and rich in Omega-3.
  • The salmon are raised in a low-density environment (10 kg fish per m3), fully exposed to the strong, clean currents of the Atlantic Ocean - this ensures vigorous exercise, firm muscle formation and low fat content.
  • The fish spend an average of 18 months in deep-water pens where they swim the equivalent of 13,000 Kilometers (8077mi) before reaching market size.
  • Farming sites are fallowed (uncultivated) for a minimum of 4 months after the site is empty - compared to 2 months for conventional sites.

Gallagher's Irish Organic* Salmon are harvested to the highest standards and dispatched within 24 hours. With arrivals direct to JFK and BOS, we are able to maintain freshness in every fish and deliver the most superior farmed Organic* Salmon available in the U.S. market.

Fresh Irish Organic* Salmon is available whole in 50 Lbs. catch weight cases. Click here for product details.

Click here to view the "What Makes It Organic" infographic.


Recently, we partnered with Vinnslustödin (VSV) to bring you the freshest supply of MSC certified Icelandic Cod fillets and loins. VSV was founded in 1946 and today is the largest company in the Westman Islands.

VSV's Cod operations are within Iceland's fisheries jurisdiction and adhere to standards such as MSC and Chain of Custody. Global Trust Certification Ltd. audits and certifies VSV's operations.

Their fishing vessels operate out of Iceland's Southern Coast, one of the biggest Icelandic fishing stations surrounded by rich fishing grounds. Icelandic fishing grounds have closures and openings to maintain healthy stock. For VSV, treating the ocean's ecosystem with respect and using all the ocean's resources in moderation is the foundation to continue to uphold sustainable fishing.

VSV's proprietary processing plant is strategically located on the shore of the Westman Islands, which makes it possible for their vessels to bring to shore the freshest fish. With direct flights from Iceland to JFK and Boston on Icelandic Air, VSV's fresh Icelandic Cod is available to the North American market within 48 hours after catch!

As with the rest of our products, VSV fresh Icelandic Cod is traceable all the way back to its origin.

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