We believe in supplying sustainably sourced seafood in order to maintain abundant aquatic ecosystems. Therefore, we developed blu™, our new label that stands for all of Tropical's principles and our vision for sustainable growth.

The blu™ label is evidence that our products measure up to the industry's strictest food safety requirements and adheres to our standards for sustainability, social responsibility, traceability and food safety.

Our focus is to bring you fresh, healthy seafood, free of added preservatives while minimizing our footprint on aquatic ecosystems to ensure a lasting seafood supply.

Through innovative practices we can source species from both, reputable farms and wild fisheries, managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We partner with farm operations that focus on limiting habitat damage by preventing the spread of disease and escapes while minimizing the use of wild fish in the feed to help offset pressure on wild fisheries. The fishermen we work with treat the ocean's resources with respect and utilize sensible fishing effort to reduce their impact on the environment and promote conservation of marine resources.

Look for the blu™ label and give yourself peace of mind. The round blue label indicates that the seafood you are getting is sourced in the most responsible and reliable way!

blu™ is Seafood With A Clear Future


We are pleased to announce the commencement of operations at the newest of Tropical's Tilapia production partners: Acuicola Gemso S.A. de C.V. ("Gemso"). Gemso has a history in Mexico that starts generations ago. Throughout their history, Gmenso and it's related companies have created industries that have provided sound jobs in both agricultural and industrial sectors. Gemso initiated it's Tilapia operations nearly 5 years ago, focusing on husbandry techniques and marketing within Mexico.

Gemso produces Tilapia in a cage system located in the Novillo Reservoir, East of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Their first harvest occurred in mid-February 2014 and arrangements are currently being made for the farm's first GAA/BAP audit. We anticipate acquiring the BAP Certification by May 2014.

The processing facility is equipped to process deep-skinned, fully trimmed Premium Quality Tilapia Fillets as well as whole fish. All products are free of any and all preservatives and gasses that may alter, extend or prolong natural color or shelf life. Construction efforts are currently underway for a new, state-of-the-art processing facility that should open by early 2015.

One of the largest advantages of this facility is its proximity to the market. Less than 16 hours to Los Angeles by truck, Gemso will provide the freshest product available to the West Coast.

Both Gemso and Tropical are committed to providing Tilapia that is of superior quality, complies with and exceeds established social parameters, is committed to environmental stewardship and is poised for expansion. Seafood with a clear future! We hope you enjoy our Tilapia.