Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc. based in Rutland, Vermont will be exhibiting at the International Boston Seafood Show, a can’t miss show; scheduled to take place March 11-13 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA.

At this year’s event, Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc., in booth 333, will showcase their ever-growing product line including: sustainably farm-raised Tropical Tilapia available fresh and frozen, fresh Organic Irish Salmon, fresh Rainbow Trout and their newest addition, Blue Foot White Shrimp, available fresh and frozen.

Blue Foot White Shrimp are raised in an eco-friendly environment, free of antibiotics, hormones and other contaminants. The farm is audited annually by the Swiss-based Institute of Marketecology (IMO) to ensure sustainable practices.

Tropical is committed to sustainability and environmental preservation efforts and contributes to management programs of the Charles Darwin Foundation. They make a donation to the conservation of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands for every pound sold of Blue Foot White Shrimp.

Stop by their booth and experience the culinary excellence of responsibly farmed seafood! Master Chef, Stanti Schoenbachler and apprentice Daniel Schoenbachler, will prepare delicious samples of Tilapia with Balsamic Glaze and Shrimp Mushroom Stew, for all who stop by Tropical’s booth to sample and enjoy.

Find Blue Foot White Shrimp in the New Product Showcase and check out their outdoor display on the North Lobby. For more information about Tropical’s product line, visit booth 333, where you’re sure to get a mouthwatering bite followed by a “Wow”.

Tropical’s sales representatives will be on hand throughout the show to answer questions and assist you in your product selections.

For more information on Tropical and its products or to schedule a meeting at the show, please call (802) 747-6311 or visit

Tropical has added Piscícola El Rosario to their tilapia farm network. El Rosario is located in the Northwestern region of Colombia in one of the most ideal areas for tilapia production. The company began it's operations in 2009 as a result of a group of Colombian businessmen having an interest in investing in vulnerable regions of the country. Historically, the only jobs available in these regions were connected to illicit activities where the rate of violence marginalized the local population.

El Rosario's Mission is the well-being of their workers, the betterment of their quality of life and to treat them well to make them better Colombian citizens.

This project has created a very positive social impact and has contributed to the strengthening of the local economy with the development of suppliers of products and services. More than 130 positions were created between the farm and the plant operations.

El Rosario's modern processing plant is strategically located at the farming facilities which makes it possible to harvest the fish, process it and pack it all within 30 minutes. Additionally, they have a rendering plant where they process the by-products of the tilapia to create a product that has commercial value. Along with creating a reusable product, they are mitigating the possible environmental impact of tilapia production by considerably reducing waste and supplying tilapia meal and fish oil to the feed industry.

Piscicola El Rosario is a very important partner in our network of farms and processing plants in helping us grow and guarantee continuity of supply. Because our fish are grown in a variety of locations, we are better able to avoid unexpected obstacles or delays, such as local weather or transportation issues. This allows us the flexibility to substitute any days' harvest. Despite our complex structure, our proprietary and third party tracking systems enable us to trace each fish back to the source.