The del Alma Restaurant & Bar in Corvallis, Oregon is a unique restaurant inspired by the flavors and cuisine of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain. The restaurant was created with the vision of offering it's customers locally sourced and sustainable food - allowing our Blue Foot White Shrimp to become part of their menu! They recently had a surprise visit from First Lady Michelle Obama. The First Lady was in the area visiting relatives and chose del Alma, which translates "From the Soul" as the restaurant of choice for dinner.

Chef Mitch Rosenbaum took a guess at what the First Lady would like and offered her our Blue Foot Fresh Ecuadorian White Shrimp sautéed with shallots, garlic, jalapenos, tequila, pine nuts and cream. While the waitstaff didn't hover around as the First Lady ate her meal, we're sure she enjoyed it greatly!

The First Lady has been a strong supporter of the seafood industry including most recently her support of the new USDA "my plate" icon which has replaced the food pyramid. The USDA now recommends eating seafood twice per week as part of a healthy diet. Join healthy Americans by eating sustainable seafood today!

Tropical is hosting a stop-over visit in Guayaquil, Ecuador on the way to GOAL in November. While in Ecuador, we invite you to visit our BAP Certified processing facility, Aquamar, as well as BAP Certified Aquamar Farm and Chanduy Shrimp Farm. Experience first-hand the sustainable and socially responsible practices employed at our farms and discover the beauty of their surrounding environment. There is a limited capacity and only a few openings remain, so please contact us to check on availability. Flights between Miami/Guayaquil/Santiago are all direct on a combination of LAN and American Airlines flights. With a minor incremental cost to stop in Guayaquil, it is sure to enhance your overall experience in South America. This is a great opportunity to see a top-notch operation. We hope to see you there!