Last month our partner farm in Colombia, Piscicola New York, received Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification.

Piscicola utilizes a cage system in the Betania Reservoir in the Magdalena River. Betania is an ideal location because of its low Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT), a key component to the healthy cultivation of fish.  The average HRT of Betania is one month while the average for most lakes is 1-10 years.

As part of the BAP program, the farm constantly monitors water quality at three different stations.  If needed, corrective actions are taken in the case that one of the quality checkpoints has been affected. Additionally, all aquaculture activity in the reservoir is managed and restricted by the Colombian government.

With the addition of BAP certification at our Colombian farm, Tropical now provides 94% of its product certified under BAP standards.

At Tropical, we believe that sustainability is a continuous process and we are always open to incorporate new sustainability standards as they become available.

After the introduction of our new Organic Irish Salmon at the International Boston Seafood Show 2010, President John Schramm visited the West Cork Organic Salmon farm in Bantry Bay, Ireland last week. During his visit, John toured the farm where the salmon is carefully nurtured from smolt to market size, averaging 4.5 Kg.

Murphy’s Irish Seafood produces its West Cork Organic Salmon according to AB certification (Quality-France SAS) and Naturland Verband’s organic certifications. Murphy’s operation has been audited for BIO Suisse (Switzerland), IOFGA (Ireland) and EU Organic certifications.

West Cork Organic Salmon is raised in low-density sea cages where large tidal exchange and strong Atlantic currents give an ideal fish rearing environment. The fish are fed a diet containing only natural and organic ingredients. These factors result in the highest-quality farm raised product that’s as near to wild as possible.

John Murphy, President of Murphy’s Irish Seafood said, “Ireland’s seafood producers have evolved from ancient fishing methods to a level that recognizes the importance of sustainability, traceability, quality and consistency.” Tropical delivers just that.

Organic Salmon from Ireland is accredited internationally and is recognized for its succulent flavor, deep color and firm texture. Processed in a British Retail Consortium (BRC) Grade-A facility, the product can be packed according to each customer’s specifications.

Tropical is proud to introduce West Cork Organic Salmon to its expanding product line and to continue to supply sustainable and 100% traceable seafood to tables around the world.