Last week Tropical caught the interest of industry players from around the world during Seafood Expo North America 2016.

Throughout the three convention days our eye-catching displays caught the attention of thousands of show attendees. A historic 1930's Ford Model-A showcased a fresh fish display reminiscent of a traveling fresh fish market  of the 30's. Outside, a 1923 Ford Model-T Snowmobile displayed Tropical's new corporate reel.

Our displays portray our commitment to sustainable and reliable seafood from old ways to new and show our willingness to evolve with trends. Although the seafood show is now over, this year holds many more milestones to be achieved as we  pursue 4-star BAP certification across the board for our growing Tilapia cooperative throughout Latin America.

During the show, attendees had the chance to sample our fresh products which included; Tropical Tilapia, Ruby Red Rainbow Trout, Ecuadorian Shrimp, EU Certified Organic Salmon, Cod and Cobia cooked in multiple simple and healthy ways by master Swiss chef Stanti Schonbachler and assistant August Higgs. Canadian Ruby Red Rainbow Trout sourced from Cold Water Fisheries, Inc. was the newest product presented to the trade.

Attendees were reminded of the superior flavor and freshness exclusive to Tropical's fresh product line. Our promise to you? Continuing to improve upon our current practices, while continuously looking for the most sustainable path available.

We enjoyed seeing you in Boston! 
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For the fourth consecutive year, Tropical's Blue Foot White Shrimp program made its annual donation to the  Charles Darwin Foundation in the Galapagos Islands.

Donations to the Charles Darwin Foundation support the CDF's mission to ensure the conservation of the environment and biodiversity in the Galapagos Archipelago by providing knowledge and assistance through scientific research and complementary action.

Through our Blue Foot White Shrimp program we have committed to contribute to the conservation of Ecuador's fragile Galapagos Islands by making a donation to the CDF for every pound of Blue Foot White Shrimp sold.

The funds we accumulate for our annual donation come directly from the sale of Blue Foot White Shrimp produced in Ecuador by Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscilla and distributed by Tropical.

In 2015, donations to the Charles Darwin Foundation helped to:

Save the Mangrove Finch

Restore Baltra and South Plaza Islands

Plant Endemic and Native Seedlings

Tag and track the behavior of 365 sharks

Experience the culinary taste of responsibly sourced shrimp! Blue Foot White Shrimp are sweet, succulent and crisp.

Available as: Sizes:
Easy Peel 41/50
Head-On 31/35
Head-Off 26/30
Peeled & Deveined (P&D) 21/25
IQF, custom retail bags and block  
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