EU_OrganicWHAT MAKES IT ORGANIC...? Producers feed their salmon a diet containing only the purest of all organic ingredients, free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), chemicals, antibiotics, and sourced from sustainable sources.


 Fresh EU Certified Organic Salmon is available as:

Whole (HOG) In Sizes of: 4-5 kg, 5-6 kg and 6+ kg

3-4 lbs and 4-5 lbs D-trim fillets

Salmon_blu_logoTropical has partnered with farms in Central Norway to supply fresh Organic Salmon to the U.S. market. The producers there have acquired one, if not, multiple certifications such as: BAP, BRC, Global G.A.P. and Debio certifications. Debio is a standard used for aquaculture of Atlantic Salmon and it covers European Union regulations for organic salmon farming.

Every step in the chain is verified, from using "cleaner fish" to keep salmon parasite-free to keeping the cage's density at low-density. Low-density water pens allow the fish to swim freely, reduces stress and eliminates the need to use antibiotics because of the fewer chances of contracting diseases.

Organic Salmon are fed a GMO-free diet that consists of natural pigments and marine content sourced from MSC-certified fisheries, which gives the salmon a clean flavor and many health benefits.

We provide Fresh Organic Salmon year-round!

  View Organic Salmon Brochure: EU Certified Organic Salmon
* Farmed according to the EU Organic Standards and Certified by Global Trust.